Constructing EU

Constructing EU is a visual exploration in the form of a newspaper,  depicting dichotomies intrinsic to the functioning of the European Union - a seemingly unified entity, but one that fails to account for its diversity. 
What is hiding behind the offcial imagery and an illusion of unified Europe?

Weaving is a medium used to represent the hidden complexities of the EU and challenge the notions of what being European truely entails. Underlying the fact that EU is a complicated mechanism consisting of elements not always clear or comprehensible at first sight. 

The newspaper presents woven images from the side of the EU and how it is set to be represented,  with imagery from how these general terms and concepts such as ‘United in diversity’ apply in the context of Poland and its nationalistic tendencies - painting a picture of not such a unified Europe.

From exploring the notions of ‘Media freedom’ to supposed ‘Borderless’ of the EU,  the imagery encourages to take a closer look and discover the complex realities of what is hiding behind the general and vague concepts, as well as their visual representations.

Master Non-Linear Narrative, 2023

alicja konkol 2023