Defenders of the Cross

The research of the subculture of “Mohair Berets” resulted in creating three-activist robes inspired by vestments worn by priests. They are a comment on the state of the society, aiming to spark a discussion on how much influence the church could be allowed to have when it comes to the functioning of a country.

Each one of them concerns one of the many important issues, happening not only in Poland but also Europe. The robes are a clash between something that is supposed to be trustful but ,in fact, is composed by the language of hatred and propaganda, filled with catholic newspaper prints, supporting incredibly radical views. The red robe tackles the controversial topic of abortion, widely discussed and talked about in the media.The green one concerns the topic of Euro skepticism, which is ardently supported by the currently ruling right-wing party, as well as the church. The last one, comments on the narrow minded views about LGBT communities and homophobia.

Design Academy Eindhoven,  “Man and Communication”,  2019

alicja konkol 2023