In Between

Allotment gardens represent a clash of ideals, traditions and aesthetics that extend way beyond the clichéd notion of gardening. They are a world within a world.”

‘In Between’ magazine spring/summer 2020 explores the culture and aesthetics of allotment gardens. It is an ethnographic and visual exploration of places rooted in the past, a counterpoint to the fast-changing realities of today.
They provide a break from reality, a solution to travel restrictions in our brave new world, and a form of ‘escapism’. Situated between nature and the city, gardens have their own rules, rituals and contradictions. Tending the land is a slow process requiring time and patience. So is waiting for a monthly magazine. With ‘In Between’, Alicja Konkol wants people who are used to instant gratification to reflect on the benefits of urban nature.

Graduation project, Design Academy Eindhoven 2020,
photo:Femke Reijerma

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