Mohair Berets

This project is a qualitative and photographic research depicting the subculture of “Mohair Berets”, which in fact is a derogative term alluding to militancy of old female seniors, partisan politics, mature age (mohair beret is fashionable only amongst female seniors) and intellectual bluntness, if not backwardness.

It is a comment on the functioning of a society, its morals, politics and social consciousness. The lack of separation between the church and the state. As a group old people are socially and economically poor and therefore afraid.
The catchphrase loyal worriors is strongly connected with the term ‘a legion of mohair-berets’. It highlights the war-like nature stimulated by active and continous protests and marches. Religious beliefs become a dangerous weapon in the hands of seemingly harmless grandmas.

Design Academy Eindhoven,  “Man and Commnication” , 2019

“The specificity of Polish Catholicism has no equivalence in Europe given the depth of beliefs, the magnitude of the power of the Church and its habit to directly intervene in political life. Poland is a country of catholic fundamentalism. Bishops interfere in all life arenas. And politicians give in most of the times under the pressure of the Church.”

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